3 French Girl Swimsuit Styles for Summer

Ever wonder what the most popular French girl swimsuit styles are? Here is a quick list of the French swimsuit styles you’ll find on women vacationing in the French Riviera, on the island of Corsica, and the sandy shores of Deauville.

French Swimsuit Styles

I live in France and I love taking vacations to different French summer resorts in July and August. I always make sure to pay attention to the different swimsuit styles that French women wear. These are the styles I see most often for swimwear!

If you are building a French girl summer wardrobe, you’ll need at least one of these swimsuits!

French girl Swimsuit Styles

These are the best swimwear styles to shop from France’s best swimwear brands.

One-Piece Swimsuits

French one-piece swimsuits may feel a bit old-fashioned, but trust me, they’re coming back into style in France!

High-Waisted Bikinis

Did you know the bikini was invented in France? French girls are keeping the vintage high-waisted bikini style in fashion.

Bandeau Bikinis

A chic bandeau bikini by luxury French swim designer Eres is the swimsuit of choice for it-girls across France.

I hope these swimsuits help you get chic French girl summer style this year!

Bon voyage!

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